Customized massages tailored to your body's needs.

Swedish Massage 30-60-90 min. sessions

Allow the therapist to perform gentle flowing strokes to your body to increase circulation and bring oxygen to tired and restricted tissues. A very good massage for the person who has never had a massage before or those looking for a light relaxing experience.

Integrative Massage 30-60-90 min. sessions

A customized massage tailored to your body’s needs. This massage incorporates many different modalities to achieve desired results. It is ideal for those who are unsure what massage they need or those who are experiencing discomfort in a specific area they would like the therapist to address.

Deep Tissue Massage 30-60-90 min. sessions $45-$70-$90

A more specific therapeutic massage designed to release restriction, adhesion and tension in the deep layers of tissue. Not recommended for those who have never had a massage before and works best on targeted areas.

Pre-Natal 30-50 min. sessions $45-$60

Used during a normal healthy pregnancy with very beneficial results that promote deep relaxation, while soothing the nerves and relieving strained back, joint and leg muscles. Special positioning of the body ensures complete comfort through the entire massage. Doctor’s written permission for massage must be brought in at time of service.  No prenatal massage performed during the first trimester.

Aromatherapy Massage 30-60-90 min. sessions $45-$70-$90

Top Quality essential oils are used to create a massage medium to produce a delight for your mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy essences have been scientifically proven to bring about positive physiological effects in the body. This massage is light and relaxing and will allow you to release stress and tension.

Natural Hot Stone Massage 60-90 min. sessions $75-$95

Hot Stone Massage is the deep penetration of heat by use of heated stones and Swedish Massage. Localized heat application is recognized for increasing circulation, relaxing tissue and nerves.

oil_back.jpgStress Relief Scalp Massage    15 min.      $15.00